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The Ultimate Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herbs Buy The PAX3. 

The PAX 3 Is Powerful, Discreete, Smart Vaporizer.  

With Engineering Technology Gets The Best Out Of Your Herbs

Sleek durable design suitable for every occasion.

PAX 3 Complete and Basic Kit is perfect for dry herbs or concentrates.

The PAX 3 complete kit model has a wax-chamber.

Sleek, durable design suitable for every occasion

Delivers thick and powerful vape-clouds.

The internal battery lets you do 8-9 vape sessions. Charger included.

Can be used with the Android App to control the temperature


The PAX 3 conduction oven heats Your dry herb gently and evenly.

Little wast, 22-second heat-up time for on-demand vaping.

Temperature settings so you can achieve Your ideal combination of flavor. 

Vibration notifications tell you when You can vape.

One button turns PAX on and off, and changes the temperature

10yrs Warranty

PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

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